About the Mouse Island Creatives Studio

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Mouse Island Creatives is the result of two creatives, Shawn and Rowena McPherson, sharing space, time, and a dream. Life is a strange twisting, turning pathway. It takes you to places you never would expect. Shawn and Rowena went to school together from Kindergarten through high school. They saw each other every day but were never more than faces passing in the halls. As adults, they reconnected over discussing their creative talents and have been inseparable ever since.

They form a partnership that is based on trust and the four C’s. Clarity, Creativity, Collaborative, Creation.


What can Mouse Island Creatives create for you?

Together Shawn and Rowena McPherson run two separate photography studios. Mouse Island Creatives specializing in Wedding, Engagement, Elopement, and Event photography. The second being the Wicked Good Life specializing in Lifestyle Photography & Senior Portraits. The style and approach between the two studios are similar, but each studio requires very different specializations.

We approach both with the candid photojournalistic style we have become known for. Producing bright and clean color images which contrast and compliment our signature Black & White images look.


Shawn or Liam Kingman or maybe another pseudonym… or 7

Shawn is a fulltime photographer and author living in Northern Maine near Presque Isle and Caribou.

In the 3rd grade, Shawn figured out what he wanted to do with his life, write stories. He has been spending the majority of his past thirty plus years since then putting that desire off until another day.

Creatives are a strange bunch. They are driven by the desire to create and are often crushed by the insecurity of not creating content that will be accepted by everyone. No matter the praise they receive, creatives hide beneath the crushing weight of desiring for their work to be accepted by all.

That is never going to happen. When the creative accepts that, they are freed to create for themselves and share their craft with all those who choose to accept it. Letting go of the paralyzing fear is the stage that Shawn has moved to. It is time to sling more words.

In college, he fell in love with photography and has never looked back since.

Rowena McPherson Artist

Rowena is a traditional artist and graphic designer working in the creative field since 1999. She fuses ingenuity and open communication to produce the most memorable and effective graphic products possible for clients.

Her latest collection of work is on display at the Wintergreen Art Center for the month of March.

Some of her original artwork is on sale through Fine Art America and prints of selected pieces are available as well.

When she is not creating her personal art projects, she is frequently working on client commissions. The range of commissions she takes on has expanded drastically, but time is her enemy.

Please understand that an artists time is their most valuable resource.

The creation of a work of art comes with an opportunity cost. When you are creating, you can’t be doing something else.

Ever wonder why a work of art cost what it does? Sure there is material cost, but time is the largest factor. It takes years of practice to perfect skills, all mostly unpaid. Creating takes away from putting in hours in an office earning a steady income. It is the experience and talent that you are paying for. It takes time to create your work or art, and you are paying for that.

Do you blink an eye when you hire a plumber or an electrician to do a 10-hour job at a rate of $75 per hour? No? Then why do you not value the work of the artist who is putting in the same 10 hours to create something out of pigments of color? When you find a work of art you love for a price of $750, remember there is an artist who isn’t trying to “Get Rich” behind it. They are only looking to be making a living wage for luxury products they are creating.


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