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One of the questions we always get revolves around the photography equipment use. We chose Canon because I have had a long relationship with their products. Every camera I have ever owned has been a Canon, both stills and video. If I had of picked up a Nikon the first time I purchased a camera, we would probably be shooting with that. There are a lot of excellent brands out there so if you are looking to figure out which brand is best, there isn’t one. Each brand has pluses and minuses.

What you are buying when you select a brand is a system. A camera will be replaced, lenses will be upgraded. You aren’t going to shoot with the same things forever. We would recommend that you not chase after the latest and greatest gear and don’t get hung up on what the other system is doing. Nikon is kicking Canons butt right now with a higher dynamic range. While this a frustration as HDR is one of the things that I personally enjoy shooting and the extra stops that you can capture with a Nikon D850 is appealing, I prefer the color tonality that you get with a Canon 5D mk III or 5D mk IV.

Canon and Nikon produce different colors?

Another question we get when we start down the road of talking about the difference between Nikon and Canon are, “Why are Canon & Nikon so different in photo color?

Sometimes the final product after post-processing can have a drastically different look than the way it was shot it camera. This can be stylistic choices by the editing artist, or it can just be the natural tendencies of the Image Processor. The image CMOS sensor has a fundamental effect on the raw image. Digital images are just numbers when you get right now to it, but the image is also shaped by the lenses used.

Canon’s lenses have built a reputation for producing very vivid, contrasty images. Nikon’s lenses have a reputation for producing sharp images with more of a neutral color tone range. I prefer the contrast and the tonal range on the Canons we use, but I do envy the dynamic range you get with Nikon. This a debate that has raged on for years and years about which company has better lenses and to date neither company has won, and our prediction for the future is, neither will.

Mouse Island Photography Studio Blog

We go into photography a lot more at our photography studio, Mouse Island Photography. For a complete list of most of the current equipment we are shooting with, and this does change frequently as we grow and expand our offerings, this is our photography equipment list.

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