Wedding Photography Investment

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Wedding Photography Investment

At Mouse Island Creatives we understand that the decision on who to trust with your wedding day is difficult. We are known for our unique style of wedding photography, influenced by our individual creative backgrounds. Rowena’s abilities as a traditional artist and graphic designer teamed with Shawn’s talent as an author and weaver of tales blend to form a creative visual storytelling you will not easily find elsewhere. 

Clean | Bright | Colorful | Fun | Romantic

The devil is in the details and that is where we set ourselves apart from other photography studios. Based on a photojournalistic style, we are more than just wedding photographers. We are there to document the moments you experience as well as those of your friends and family. You will be surprised how we appear to be everywhere at one time, snapping your all-important moments as well as the reactions of your guests. We know you can’t see everything that is happening during your celebration, so relax, enjoy your day and let us capture them for you.

Almost everyone has a camera, but not everyone is a photographer.

We are a society that generally carries cell phones everywhere with image sensors that rival many point and shoot cameras. These are fantastic for capturing images to post on Facebook, Instagram or your preferred social media. We do it too!

The difference between a professional photographer and somebody who takes pictures is knowledge and experience. We have invested countless hours into learning and perfecting our craft, mastering our cameras and equipment, and years working with a wide range of clients. We set our personal expectations high, pushing ourselves to schedule weekly test shoots and to practice under the worst conditions. When something unexpected happens at your wedding or event, we are ready.

We simply love what we do. We are incredibly fortunate to get to work our passion for photography and the biggest high comes from seeing the uninhibited smiles and joyful tears when we deliver the final images.

At Mouse Island Photography we purchase professional Canon Photography equipment in full frame and crop sensors because it makes our job easier, not because it makes us professionals.

“As a wedding DJ working with many photographers, it is my pleasure to recommend this business. Not only do they use the highest quality equipment but they know and understand the gear and use it to provide the best images. You have two photographers that will attend your event with different perspectives so the photos you get cover a deeper feeling of the event. They are also very easy to work with and always focus on the event and the guests to make sure even the most unplanned shots are documented. You can’t ask for a better team of professionals.”

Steve Boddy, KC & Company DJ Services

Choose Mouse Island Creatives for your wedding, engagement, or elopement.

On your wedding day, we promise to be authentic; true to ourselves and true to you. We spend the time getting to know you. We focus primarily on capturing everything in-the-moment, however, choreographed photos are often necessary for certain circumstances. Our style utilizes prompting instead of posing. The major difference being prompting sets the stage for reactions to occur naturally.  When it comes to these styled images we will continue to take your personality into consideration to be an honest reflection of your celebration. Everyone at Mouse Island Creatives strives to give every client the CREATIVE Experience.

We know that engagement photography and wedding photography are significant investments. We want to be an economical option for you while giving you the highest quality product possible. Let’s meet over coffee and talk about your vision. Let’s see if we are a good fit for your photography needs.

Your wedding isn’t in Maine? No worries. We will travel to your destination.

Couples are often concerned about not being able to find the right photography team for their destination wedding. Easily solve that problem by taking the right ones with you. We are destination wedding photographers who absolutely love to travel and we are always willing to accommodate your destination wedding needs. Our destination packages are priced the same as our standard photography packages. Additional related costs would include:

  1. Airfare and/or mileage for your photography team
  2. Baggage fees
  3. Hotel accommodations (usually 2 rooms for 2 nights, but for longer events additional nights are required)
  4. A rental car (usually for a 3-day duration)
  5. Vendor meals on the day of your event
  6. Per Diem: $45/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not covered by the event

These additional fees cover your two photographers and an assistant that helps us with lighting and logistics of the shoot. No matter where you live or where your wedding is being held, Mouse Island Creatives can be there to capture your memories.

Mouse Island Creatives for your wedding photography investment.

Let’s meet up to discuss the possibility of Mouse Island Creatives being your partner. Select the service you are looking to book below, fill out a short questionnaire and let’s get the conversation started. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

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